How did this start? The presence of the Bridgittine sisters coming to and getting established in Columbus.
About 10 years ago I was going to Rome for meetings pertaining to a cause of canonization. After one of my return trips Alice Heller, a parishioner at St Michael had encouraged me to visit and stay with the Bridgittine sisters at Piazza Farnese, very near the Holy See/Vatican.
The next visit I made for meetings I inquired with the sisters and stayed there. While in their convent guesthouse I learned about St Bridget of Sweden and her legacy. I also learned about them Blessed Maria Elizabetta who had refounded the Bridgittine Sisters in 1911z
When the sisters were refounded they were given a renewed vision to pray for the sanctity of the Church through unity around the Lord Jesus truly present in the Holy Eucharist. They would express this mission through daily prayer in adoration and by welcoming the traveler.
As I learned about the saints of the Order, their mission and apostolate/activity I could only think of the great number of people who travel to Columbus from around the world for the purpose of bringing a loved one to one of our hospitals. I saw the sisters’ spirit of prayer and hospitality, their spirit of welcome and intercessory prayer and wondered if they might be a source of consolation to the people who are far from their homes so as to be close to loved ones who are patients in the hospitals.
I approached Mother Tekla who was the Mother Abbess at the time and thus began the conversation which led to the sisters establishing a presence here in Columbus.
Where do the sisters live in Columbus?
Their convent and its grounds are located in one of the fastest-growing areas of the metro area, near downtown Columbus in Franklinton. They are very near 315 and blocks away from COSI.
What do the sisters do in Columbus?
At the present moment, the sisters are working to establish and make permanent their presence.
They have begun their prayer life on behalf of all people so they sing the psalms that are prayed by all priests and religious and they adore the Lord through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Basically, they pray for the whole world and for the people of Central Ohio in particular!
They welcome members of the faithful to join them for Holy Mass and Adoration. The sisters welcome those who are in need of a moment of prayer and a place of peace.
The sisters also prepare food, a hot meal, every morning, Monday-Friday, to be served through Holy Family Soup Kitchen.