In the Neighborhood

Founded in 1877, Holy Family Catholic Church is the 5th Catholic Church founded in the City of Columbus and is called the ‘Mother Church’ of the West side. Holy Family was formed to care for the spiritual needs of Catholics on the West side of the Scioto River and these Christians came from Irish, German, Italian, and French backgrounds making the parish family a truly universal mix of people. Over the course of its long history, the parish has maintained a strong attraction to people of all races, economic backgrounds, and ages and is thus a family seeking to be holy.
Today, the faithful journey to Holy Family to make use of the rich offering of the Sacraments, devotions, and traditions which strengthen the life of the Disciple of Jesus.
Holy Family is staffed by priests from the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, the Mercedarian Friars.
Holy Mass:
Sunday-9am, 11am, 5pm, 8pm
Founded in the 1970’s Holy Family Soup Kitchen originally served the veterans of the Vietnam War and the poor elderly. Today, Holy Family Soup Kitchen serves a hot meal and offers basic necessities to the poorest of the poor.


Center Of Science and Industry
Serving as a National attraction COSI draws visitors from across the City, the State, and the Country to tour its exhibits and visit its perennial interactive displays which seek to instruct and enlighten the minds of the visitors in a highly engaging and interactive manner.
COSI is a 10-minute walk from the Convent of St Birgitta.
Originally called Vets Memorial, this National Museum in Honor of our Nation’s Veterans provides an environment where one may learn about those who have served and are serving our country in the Armed Services. Not only providing an interior space for education and honor there area a variety of outdoor places where one may see incredible views of the city and enjoy a quiet moment in a park-like setting.
The National Veterans Museum is a 10minute walk from the Convent of St Birgitta.


A downtown park system which follows the path of the Scioto River, access to this beautiful park system is easily attained from the Convent of St Birgitta. Once reaching the Scioto Mile one may find the perfect spot to sit down and read or tap into a bike trail which can lead you to anywhere in the metro area. Residents, Visitors, and Workers in the Center City make use of the Scioto Mile every day and all day.
A relatively new District in the City of Columbus, this District is only a brief walk, 10-15minutes, from the Convent of St Birgitta.
Home to the MLS Columbus Crew and offering an excellent environment to watch a soccer match, Field is a pride and joy of the local soccer community which rallies around the home team.
Home to the Columbus Clippers, our Triple-A baseball team, Huntington Park continually receives top honors for being one of the best baseball parks in the country, truly, not a bad seat in the house!
Hosting our City’s NHL team, the Blue Jackets, Nationwide Arena offers a venue for Hockey, National events and gatherings, and Concerts.
– North Market
North Market is a 145-year-old vibrant public market made up of Ohio’s best independent merchants, farmers, and makers. We invite you to eat, drink, shop, and enjoy the best of what’s local, fresh, and authentic.
Within a short distance of the Convent of St Birgitta, one will find some of the most popular Theatres in Central Ohio. From Spanish Baroque to elegant Modern and intimate to expansive the theatres of downtown Columbus offer a wide array of opportunities to enjoy music, operas, Broadway musicals and so much more.
These Theatres are only a 3-minute ride or a 15-minute walk from the Convent of St Birgitta.


Founded by the Holy Cross Sisters, Mount Carmel College of Nursing offers an excellent education in the educational field of Nursing. Attractive to students from across the country, alumni from this Nursing college are highly sought after for employment given the depth of their education and formation.
Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a 5-10minute walk from the Convent of St Birgitta.
Founded and administered by the Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, St John Paul II preschool offers a Christ-centered Marian preschool for children who are 3 and 4 years of age.