Order of The Most Holy Savior


Is God calling you to religious life? Come for a visit to share in our daily life of simple service and prayer with a central devotion to the Eucharist through Adoration and Divine Office. United to His sufferings and passion for the salvation of souls and the unity of all Christians, we welcome the stranger.

One Fold, One True Shepard

Monastic & Apostolic Order Of Semi Cloistered Contemplative

Our Prayer Intentions and Works of Penance through virtues of charity, humility, and simplicity are for the healing of the division among Christians.

“If a fire is kept in a closed container, with no opening at all, the fire goes out and the container grows cold. “

(from the Revelations of St. Bridget Book VII. Ch 85)

A Calling

When did you become a Bridgettine?        “In 1997 in Mexico.” – Sr. Fabiola

What’s your favorite part of religious life? “Prayer and adoration” – Sr. Nithya & Sr. Amor

Why did you chose the Bridgettines?

“When I was young I had a dream I was in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. There were two sisters there kneeling in front of me in white veils as the priest gave the Benediction. Years later, I visited a Bridgettine convent. When I arrived I was invited into the chapel, as adoration was ending. There knelt two sisters, the priest, and the Blessed Sacrament – just as it had happened in my dream. Jesus led me to the Bridgettines.” -Sr. Eunice

Please know the sisters are always praying for your intentions, how can we pray for you today?