Prayer & Hospitality

Join The Sisters for Mass and Come Adore The Lord.

 As we pray for the new chapel to be built, we can experience the Lord at Mass and in adoration in a very intimate setting.

Holy Mass: M, T, R, and F at 7 a.m.

Eucharistic Adoration on Tues, Weds & Fridays from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. 

What is Adoration?
Adoration is a kind of prayer where someone approaches Jesus Christ and Adores Him as Lord and God. Most oftentimes, adoration occurs with Exposition where the Holy Eucharist is exposed on the altar so we the faithful can see with our eyes the Holy Eucharist.
May I come to adore the Lord?
Yes! The faithful are very welcome to come away from the world and adore the Lord!
We are looking for people to fill hours within the day so the Lord is never alone .If you are interested in filling one of these hours please reach out to Sarah via email or text/call! or 740-418-0517
Come Sit with Our Lord

We should all feel this much JOY running to spend time in front of Our Lord in Adoration!

New Chapel!

Many have asked ‘Why are we building another Chapel?’  Let us explain.

What is the difference between a Church and a Chapel? 
To be basic and direct, when we usually think of a church it is a parish church, the place a parish family uses for public prayers and celebration of the sacraments.
A chapel is a small church used primarily for private prayer.
If the sisters are next door to a parish church then why would they need to build a chapel?
This is a good basic question! The parish church for Holy Family isn’t a chapel or even an oratory, it’s a parish church which means it has all of the Masses, Confessions, Baptisms, Weddings, Adoration, public devotions, and private devotions of the parish family and so much more. A parish church is a busy place where there is a lot taking place on any given day and there are a lot of people coming and going.
The Sisters’ convent will have a chapel where the Blessed Sacrament will be reserved and even Adored! The Holy Mass will be offered! And then the rest of the time it will be intentionally a quiet place where people may come to pray and find the rest and healing that only Jesus can offer and give. The sisters’ chapel won’t be just another church, it won’t be even a parish church, it will be a small intimate space where people who are worn out, tired, broken, run-down, and lonely can find a healing silence and a powerful presence.
Something special to note….if a parish church seems more like a chapel because of its inactivity then it isn’t needed as a parish church. But a chapel where there is plenty of prayer will ultimately guide the soul back to the parish church for all of the sacraments and devotions offered there.
So how will the chapel be used exactly?
The chapel will be the heart and center of the Convent of St Birgitta! As such it will be the place where the sisters will sing the psalms of the Old Testament throughout the day, pray the Holy Rosary, Adore the Lord in the Holy Eucharist and gathering to celebrate the Holy Mass.

The Sister’s goal is to bring unity of the church, making Jesus known by showing human warmth toward all.

At the core of the Sisters’ work is the virtue of hospitality: welcoming and serving others. All around the world, the order has established guest/retreat houses to welcome the traveler. While these houses offer a wonderful place to sleep and a delicious meal, they offer something special that typical hotels cannot provide. The spiritual component present at these houses allows the guest to experience a sort of “retreat” away from the trials of life’s circumstances. Think of it as room and board with a spiritual benefit (bonus)! The environment, which has a chapel on-site, provides an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity for those visiting, all under the hospitality of The Bridgettine Sisters.

As we wait in great anticipation for the completion of the new Chapel & Retreat House the Convent is actively hosting mini-retreats. These events draw the faithful closer to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, Our Lady, and the Saints.  We invite you to come Journey with the Sisters!



Gathering in Madonna Hall