The Future

The Chapel
What is the future of the Sisters’ presence?
Everything has been broken down into phases. Now that the sisters are here and getting established they are welcoming people into the spirit of their family. They host gatherings, offer moments of prayer, and lend an ear to those who need someone to listen.
They are in need of finishing their residence so as to accommodate more sisters.  They need to accommodate up to 10 sisters for the purpose of maintaining the schedule of prayer and the balance of community life.
The most pressing need right now is to build a proper Chapel where the people who wish to come and pray can do so. The desire of the sisters is to have Jesus available for Adoration every day so that those who need to pray and want to pray may be able to do so.
The chapel will be the heartbeat of the whole convent and grounds.
Once the chapel is finished a residence wing for visitors will be built. This wing will afford the sisters space to welcome people overnight. The primary guests must be and will be those who are weary from being caregivers to loved ones in hospitals.
The convent is in close proximity to OSU Hospitals and especially The James, as well as Grant Medical Center, Riverside Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and Mount Carmel Grove City Hospital. Kobacker Hospice is also relatively close.
What is the priority at this point in time?
The priority is the Chapel! If Jesus is not first and foremost at the center of all of this then everything will be in vain.
The strength needed to listen, to love, to be patient, to welcome, and to accompany those who are caregivers or even those who are just beaten up by the world can only come from spending time with the Lord Jesus in prayerful adoration.
Regarding the chapel, what is needed?
The sisters NEED PRAYERS! We should never underestimate the power of prayer!
The sisters need people to join them in adoration! People should know they are welcome to come and spend time in prayer, once a day or once a week!
There is no need for a chapel if people aren’t going to use it.
That makes sense, what about the Chapel building itself, what is the most pressing need?
The chapel phase is broken into two parts, the building of a bell tower and walkway and then the chapel proper.
The walkway or cloister walk will connect the residence of the sisters, or the cloister, to the chapel proper.
The ringing of bells calls the sisters to prayer and invites the whole world to know Jesus is about to be adored.
Mr. Chris Meyers,,   has designed a beautiful chapel which will accommodate around 75 people. It will be small in the eyes of the world but it will be intimate for the purpose of prayer and listening to Jesus.
Prayerfully consider supporting the Sisters and wait in anticipation for the fruits that will come when they will welcome the visitors with love and hospitality!