Bridgettine Chapel & Retreat House

Thank you for your welcoming the Bridgettine Sisters to Columbus!
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Our Charism

The spirituality of the Bridgettine Order is rooted in a deep love of Christ, especially in remembrance of His sufferings, in the fullness of liturgical worship.

Our Motto

‘Amor Meus Cruicfius Est’
My Love is Crucified

Our Habit

The Bridgettines on their black veil wear a crown of white cloth with five red signs for a perennial memory of the five wounds of the Divine Savior.

Our Mission & Vision

The Sisters Come To Share Christ’s Love

“In my visit with the Bridgettine Sisters in Rome, I told them how happy and excited I was that they are now with us in Columbus. They assured me they are praying for the Church in Columbus. Very much like the plans for the Columbus convent/ guesthouse, the Bridgettine Sisters are known for their hospitality.  Their guesthouse in Rome is a very beautiful place with simple rooms, where they provide meals and help pilgrims to make their visit in a very spiritual way; different than just any hotel. There is a chapel on site; it is a place of prayer, and simpler than other places but certainly very dignified and comfortable.”   Quote from Bishop Brennan