The Sisters hosted a grace-filled women’s mini-retreat over the weekend; St. Bridget’s Wisdom for the Ages, Our Life is a Pilgrimage Towards Something Greater!
Father Stash Dailey, through the Holy Spirit, led the powerful reflection. The joy of Jesus was felt by all. Here are some insightful reflections on ‘Our Journey Toward Something Greater.’
A Pilgrimage is a manifestation of a need for change. While on a pilgrimage, near or far you are not sightseeing yet seeking Jesus!
You have to want Jesus as much as he wants YOU!
Don’t be distracted by distractions on the journey that you are on. You need stability in the storms of life. The stability is Jesus and our Sacraments. There will still be twists and turns but go 1 step at a time. You may even experience a few ‘flat tires’ on your journey in life but ask God for the Grace to push them away.
Our Lord wants to be OUR GOAL in this journey of Life! Be confident to know We are made for heaven
The Lord will heal our wounds but he won’t take away our scars. The Scars are a reminder of the healing that has taken place.
Where is the Lord asking me to go on Pilgrimage in the future? Pilgrimage doesn’t have to be overseas, it can be a neighboring parish, Carey Ohio, or St. Anythonys Shine in Pittsburg.
Ask the Lord to give you the grace to need what He is offering.